Dating remus lupin

Remus Lupin is a mystery to the whole school; the boy who's quiet, aloof, and cold.

-being really shy and awkward at first -because you would end up together probably after playing Truth or Dare with the Marauders-and you would both confess you feelings -at your first date, you would freak out -because “what if he doesn’t like me?

“ -but Remus would chuckle and take your hand and kiss it -cause he thinks you’re adorable for caring so much -at the end of the day you would stay at the Black Lake, watching the stars -and he would take your hand in his and tell you how beautiful you are -and you would blush like crazy and look down because GOD YOU LIKE HIM SO MUCH -and he would raise your chin with his slender fingers so you make eye contact -he would stare at you -you would stare at him -until he leans in and kisses you -your heart would skip a beat, but you would kiss him back -after that awkward stage, you would both tease each other -you would hold hands all the time -you cuddling when it’s cold because -"body heat is the best way to keep someone warm" -little kisses on the cheek, or forehead -and deep kisses in the morning because -"i missed you, sweetheart.

three hours is a long time" -cuddles when outside is a storm -him being jealous like hell every time a boy talks to you -growling -dirty stares -him losing all his shit when the boy flirts with you and you kinda flirt back -dragging you all along to his bedroom -hot make out sessions -making sure to hold you very close to him whenever that guy was around -cuddles when you’re sad -cuddles when he’s sad -him helping you study -you being worried as fuck when it’s that time of the month -not sleeping all night waiting for him -lots and lots of sweet kisses when he’s back -you cleaning his wounds and telling him he’s sweet and kind and brave -cuddling -the marauders being like your brothers -them being very protective as well -cuddling when you can’t sleep or when you have a nightmare -you staying the night in his bedroom -you smacking him with a very heavy potions book whenever he is thinking bad things about himself -"Y/N, i’m a monster" -"No, you blithering idiot!

You are the most wonderful person I’ve ever met" -small innocent fights that end up with him kissing you forcefully -CUDDLES.

SO MANY CUDDLES -him being basically boyfriend goals AND I WANT A REMUS LUPIN SO BAD *i was already dead by the 11th line* marauders imagine remus lupin cuteness fluff harry potter harry potter x reader harry potter imagine young remus x reader remus lupin x reader remus lupin imagine would include would involve marauders era rp hp hp imagine young!


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