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A good relationship is based on trust, security, and love.

Nurturing these three values is essential to having a healthy relationship with your adolescent.

Q: [Tween] “My daughter just got her first ‘boyfriend’ and he is all she can talk about.

They are only 8th graders so they don’t actually ‘go’ anywhere, just publicly admit to the crush.

If we witness signs of an unhealthy relationship – what can we do?

Location, Dates, and Fees: Strengthening Your Relationship With Your Teen or Tween is a 4 session workshop offered on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings.

Tuesday Sessions Begin Feb 3, 10, 17, 24th from -p.m.

Now, as she reaches the age of puberty, she faces not only the challenge of blocking the effects of testosterone, but navigating the tricky world of teenage dating.

Walters shared this preview of tomorrow night’s featuring Jazz texting with a boy she met about her identity:


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