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" It also aids your pet in good hygiene, encourages pets to be more comfortable when handled, and often boosts the pet's self-esteem.

At Town & Country, we strive to support Good Health in your pet, inside & out!

It will help the veterinarian diagnose the illness with accuracy because the dog will calm down after sedation​Since the vet is in the best position to give the correct medication, the owner can now be relieved of the tension brought about by the situation.

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We are a small family-run shop offering some of the lowest grooming prices in Sacramento.Our groomer, Sherry, is highly experienced with just about any of your pet's grooming needs! Does your rabbit or guinea pig need a toe nail trim? Sherry cares for cats, dogs, small animals, and has extensive experience working with several breeds of AKC-registered show dogs.From toenail trims to ear cleanings, and lion cuts to puppy cuts, she can maintain and care for your pets' coat and skin. She and her husband, Chris, have teamed up to offer your pet a spa-like experience at Eastgate Animal Hospital.The sight of a person with medical instruments in front of him touching his body will usually frighten a dog.Dog sedation is most commonly needed before a medical procedure can be done.We always call to let customers know when their pets are ready or if there will be a delay.


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